Innovating Fuel Technology through Microfluidic Devices


Project Description

Microfluidics deals with very small volumes of liquids in sub-milliliter quantities. One of the most important parts of microfluidics is microfluidic devices which have features of micrometer scale, such as channels, junctions, inlets, and outlets. These devices are used for different purposes such as analyzing biological fluids and particles. In this project we learn one or two of the various methods which are used to fabricate microfluidic devices. We will then use the prepared devices to run some experiments and analyze the acquired data. In the first set of experiments, we will run two dye-labeled fluids in a device and try to calculate an unknown property of one of them based on the fluid-fluid interaction that we will observe. The second set of experiments involves flowing micron-sized particles in the device and determining the throughput by analyzing the videos we take.

UCSB California NanoSystems Institute