Studying Life’s Natural Frequencies: Micro-cantilever Based Sensors


Project Description

Dr. Turner’s group focuses on micro electrical mechanical systems. One of the most popular sensing device is a microcantilever. Microcantilever‐based sensors have been widely used for various applications, such as atomic force microscopy,along with chemical and biological sensing. In this project, the main goal is to understand the linear and nonlinear behavior of the fixed‐fixed beam through experiment by different forcing strength. We will use a simple mass spring damper system to explain the nonlinear phenomenon observed. Students will be involved in the experimental set up, data collection and post data analysis. Throughout the experiment, students will learn about the upper and lower limit of linear sensing of the cantilever‐based sensor. Linear mass sensing theory will be explained and students will learn about the how the device is used in such application. We will also have a brief discussion about parametric resonance and its advantages in comparison with the linear sensing techniques. However, we will not go into the details of parametric mode sensing. If time allowed, students will be introduced to some basic fabrication techniques used in fabricating the device. In addition, students will be introduced to group members and learn about their projects.

UCSB California NanoSystems Institute