Glucose Monitoring System


Project Description

Currently, it is estimated that approximately 180 million people around the world are suffering from diabetes. Due to the importance of fast and reliable blood sugar monitoring for diabetes, development of an effective and convenient glucose monitoring system has been a subject of concern for decades.  Increased frequency of blood sugar measurements allow the patient to assess both the effectiveness of their prior insulin dose, and determine the optimal time for their next dose.  Making this a reality requires not only a convenient method of measurement but increased data storage and data processing capabilities.  So, what’s the one thing we carry around that is already capable of both?  Our smartphones, of course.  If we can leverage the processing power already contained in our pockets, we can change the way this diseased is monitored and controlled.

Last year, a group of senior undergraduates participated with our group in an effort to achieve this lofty goal.  Using a standard off-the-shelf glucose testing strip, they built a unit which measures the blood glucose and transmits the data via Bluetooth to the Android phone, where it is further processed to show trends which can help both patients and doctors assess overall health.  


UCSB California NanoSystems Institute