Fog Collection as Irrigation


Project Description

This project will examine the ways in which fog could be used to aid restoration efforts on Lagoon Island at UCSB. This particular location is difficult and expensive to reach with traditional irrigation methods and therefore other methods need to be developed. One way we are trying to address this is by asking whether fog water can be collected in areas that specifically experience late summer fog. If so, would we be able to then distribute this collection of water to plants in restoration plots in order to decrease the water stress they currently experience? This would lead to a more successful restoration effort and potential late summer plant growth.

Interns will be able to provide help with constructing two types of fog collectors to be used on Lagoon Island. Interns will also help take initial measurements of the restoration site. This initial sampling will include measurements of soil water content using Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR), and plant stem lengths for a variety of species in the restoration plot.

UCSB California NanoSystems Institute